Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 It an open secret that one of the most respected companies in the Medical device,Pharmaceutical and consumer product manufacturing,Johnson and Johnson is in trouble with the FDA. Jand J's just got handed a consent degree by the Food and Drug Administration a week ago.Those of us who have worked at J and J know the culture of that organization:They live by their credo,and invest in people.That is why we can't understand how an organization admired by many would sink this low.Did the quest to control market share overshadow designing Quality into products? Better still,is there a correlation between growth and Quality? Many believe that in the quest to increase market share,management at J and J took their eyes off the ball,and sacrificed Quality over quantity.The problem is "Quality costs money upstream,and downstream.Either way,the organization pays.It is a pay me now,or pay me later proposition.Either way the cost of Quality has to be paid.Current good manufacturing practices require it,as a matter of fact the practice demands it.The sooner management understands that the better

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  1. Mel Todd From LinkIn:
    " Somehow I knew that this was bound to happen. After working at J&J for thirty years and using the Company Credo as my guide I took a V-Rep package. I could see the "writing on the wall" that the new leadership was only paying lip service to the Credo. They placed all their efforts on making the financials look good at the end of the quarter. I always got the feeling that the new management thought that the associates that believed in and valued the Credo were fools. I guess my thoughts and feelings were correct. Look at the mess that the company is in now."